World Sandwich Day

By Neha Yadav Published Nov 03 2023 Hindustan Times Lifestyle Photo Credits: Unsplash World Sandwich Day: 4 Healthy Veg Sandwiches For Breakfast

Here Are Four Healthy Veg Sandwiches You Can Prepare For Breakfast. Photo Credits: Unsplash

Hummus Sandwich Photo Credits: Flickr

Prepare Hummus Veg Sandwich With Bread Stuffed With Veggies Like Carrots Onion And Tomato Mixed With Hummus. Hummus Is Made By Blending Cooked Chickpeas With Curd A Pinch Of Salt And Olive Oil. Photo Credits: Pexels

Avocado Spread Sandwich Photo Credits: Pexels

Scoop Out Avocado And Mix It With Veggies. Spread The Mixture On Brown Bread And Enjoy It In Your Breakfast. Avocado Is Highly Beneficial To Your Health As It Is Rich In Fiber Vitamins And Folate. Photo Credits: Unsplash

Cucumber Sandwich Photo Credits: Unsplash

Cucumbers Leave A Cooling Effect On Your Body And Keep You Hydrated. You Can Stuff Layers Of Sliced Cucumbers With Some Hummus And Lettuce Between Brown Bread. Photo Credits: Pexels

Cottage Cheese Sandwich Photo Credits: Pexels

This Quick And Protein-Packed Sandwich Is Perfect For Breakfast. To Prepare This Sandwich Stuff Some Cottage Cheese In Between Brown Bread With Your Favourite Veggies And Enjoy. Photo Credits: Pexels