Matthew Perry'S 5 Movies, Shows You Must Watch

By Neha Yadav Published Oct 29 2023 Hindustan Times Entertainment Photo Credits: Instagram/Mattyperry4 Matthew Perry'S 5 Movies Shows You Must Watch

Actor Matthew Perry Died At The Age Of 54 On October 29 2023 In Los Angeles. He Was One Of The Most Versatile Actors In Hollywood. Photo Credits: Instagram/Mattyperry4

Friends (1994) Photo Credits: Instagram/Mattyperry4

Matthew Perry Is Prominently Known For Playing The Role Of Chandler Bing In The Sitcom Friends. The Actor Soon Became A Beloved Figure And Has Been Cherished By The Viewers For His Sarcasm On The Show. Photo Credits: Instagram/Friends

Fools Rush In (1997) Photo Credits: Imdb

This Romantic Comedy Film Directed By Andy Tennant Starred Matthew Perry Alongside Salma Hayek. The Film Revolves Around The Story Of A Spontaneous Marriage In Las Vegas In Which Perry Channelled His Sarcasm And Charisma With Perfection. Photo Credits: Imdb

Three To Tango (1999) Photo Credits: Imdb

Directed By Damon Santostenfano This Film Starred Matthew Perry Alongside Neve Campbell And Dylan Mcdermott. This Film Offers Plenty Of Laughter As The Trio Surprise The Viewers With Their Punch Lines. Photo Credits: Imdb

The Whole Nine Yards (2000) Photo Credits: Imdb

Directed By Jonathan Lynn This Black-Comedy Film Revolves Around The Story Of A Suburban Dentist Trapped Into The Criminal Underworld. Perry'S Physical Slapstick Comedy Is What Makes This Movie A Must-Watch. Photo Credits: Imdb

17 Again (2009) Photo Credits: Imdb

This Teen Genre Film By Burr Steers Was Matthew Perry'S Last Film In Which He Played The Role Of A Failed Husband And An Athlete Named Mike O'Donnell. Perry Came Back With This Box Office Hit Three Years After The Show Friends Wrapped Up. Photo Credits: Imdb