Indian Govt May Take This Step To Lure Tesla Here

Tesla'S India Dream Could Become A Reality Soon Hindustan Times Auto Posted By Ht Auto Desk Published Nov 13 2023

The Ev Maker Has Been Mulling The Plan To Set Up Business In India And Start A Manufacturing Plant Here

Tesla Has Been Requesting Indian Government For Tariff Cut At Least In The Initial Phase

Responding To That The Indian Government Is Planning To Slash Ev Import Rates To 15%

While The Decision Has Not Been Finalised Yet It Would Offer All The Ev Makers To Bring Their Cbu Electric Vehicles To India At Lower Cost Check Product Page

This Would Pave Way For Tesla To Officially Set Up Business In India

Interestingly This Move Comes On The Heels Of Tesla'S Decision To Make Its Most Affordable Ev In Germany'S Gigafactory

The Most Affordable Tesla Ev Was Thought To Be Produced In India

Making It In Germany Would Be A Jolt For India As The Country Aims To Become An Automobile Manufacturing Hub Globally

In That Case The Tariff Slash Could Be A Desperate Attempt From Indian Government To Lure Tesla To The Country

Check More On India'S Plan To Reduce Import Tariff For Electric Vehicles To 15% Click Here