Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh'S Adorable Pics

By Neha Yadav Published Oct 29 2023 Hindustan Times Entertainment Photo Credits: Instagram/@Deepikapadukone Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh'S Adorable Pics

Let'S Take A Look At Some Of The Most Adorable Pics Of The Couple. Photo Credits: Instagram/@Ranveersingh

Deepika And Ranveer Looked Absolutely Stunning Together In Matching Black Outfits. Photo Credits: Instagram/@Deepikapadukone

The Couple Shared This Lovely Pic Together In Vibrant Ethnic Outfits On The Festival Of Ganesh Chaturthi. Photo Credits: Instagram/@Deepikapadukone

They Looked Breathtaking Together At The Nmacc Launch In Matching Ivory Outfits. Photo Credits: Instagram/@Ranveersingh

Deepika Shared This Captivating Pic With Ranveer In Which They Posed Close To Each Other In Heavily Embroidered Outfits. Photo Credits: Instagram/@Deepikapadukone

Here'S A Cute Pic Of The Couple Shared By Deepika On Ranveer'S Birthday. Photo Credits: Instagram/@Deepikapadukone

Ranveer Set Husband Goals By Posing For A Photograph In Front Of Deepika'S Poster. Video Credits: Instagram/@Mahirahkhan

Deepika Posted A Series Of Beautiful Black And White Candid Pics With Ranveer From Their Vacation In Which They Looked Adorable Together. Video Credits: Instagram/@Mahirahkhan

Take Couple Photoshoot Inspiration From The Duo As They Posed In Biker Outfits During Their Vacation Together. Video Credits: Instagram/@Mahirahkhan