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By Neha Yadav Published Nov 03 2023 Hindustan Times Lifestyle Photo Credits: Pexels 5 Visa-Free Countries To Explore In Winters

Here Are 5 Countries You Can Travel To Without A Visa This Winter Season. Photo Credits: Unsplash

Mauritius Photo Credits: Pexels

Escape The Cold Weather And Travel To Mauritius To Explore The Beaches Reefs And Lagoons Of This Beautiful Nation. You Can Take A Sunbath At The Beaches Of Mauritius And Even Go For Skydiving. Photo Credits: Pexels

Créditos de vídeo da Indonésia pexels

Indonesia Is A Must-Visit South Asian Nation That Is Worth Exploring For Its Diverse Culture And Rich Heritage. The Tropical Weather Of Indonesia Is Perfect For A Relaxing Vacation During The Winter Season. Photo Credits: Unsplash

Thailand Photo Credits: Unsplash

This Beautiful Place Grants Indians A 15-Day Visa Upon Arrival In Thailand. From Beaches To Hills Thailand Is Home To Several Mesmerising Places To Explore. Video Credits: Pexels

Maldives Photo Credits: Unsplash

Maldives Is One Of The Most Relaxing Destinations With Its Breathtaking Landscapes Featuring Glistening White Sand Beaches And Crystal Blue Waters. This Place Offers A 90-Day Visa-Free Stay. Photo Credits: Pexels

Madagascar créditos das fotos pexels

Madagascar Is A Perfect Getaway Destination During The Winter Season. This Island Nation Offers A 30-Day Visa-Free Stay To Indian Tourists. In These 30 Days One Can Easily Explore Its Splendid Landscapes Cuisine And Culture. Photo Credits: Pexels