5 Popular Winter Flowers In India

By Mehak Pal Published Nov 03 2023 Hindustan Times Lifestyle 5 Popular Winter Flowers In India

Marigold Photo Credits: Pexels

Marigolds Are Easy-To-Grow Flowering Plants Which Can Survive In Various Weather Conditions. Marigold Flowers Have Radiant Hues Of Bright Yellow And Orange. Photo Credits: Unsplash

Rose Photo Credits: Pexels

Roses Are Some Of The Most Common Plants. Sveral Varieties Of Roses Are Grown In Winters And They Come In Different Colours. Photo Credits: Pexels

Calendula Photo Credits: Unsplash

Calendula Flowers Are One Of The Best Winter Flowers In India. Like Marigold Calendula Flowers Are Also Found In Yellow And Orange Colour. Photo Credits: Pexels

Petunia Photo Credits: Unsplash

Petunia Is Widely Grown In Hilly Regions Of India Like Assam Himachal Pradesh Tripura And More. You Can Plant These Flowers In Hanging Baskets. They Grow In A Range Of Colours Like Pink Deep Red Deep Blue And More. Photo Credits: Pexels

Aster Photo Credits: Unsplash

Aster Flowers Come In Dazzling Colours Of White Pink Purple And Blue. These Flowers Are Great For The Winter Season. Photo Credits: Pexels

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