5 Food And Drinks To Have Before Bed

By Khushi Pal Published Oct 29 2023 Hindustan Times Lifestyle Photo Credits: Unsplash 5 Food And Drinks To Have Before Bed

It Is Crucial To Get A Sound Sleep At Night For A Healthy Lifestyle. Here Are Some Food And Drink Items That You Can Include In Your Diet To Enhance Your Sleep. Video Credits: Unsplash

Warm Milk Photo Credits: Pexels

A Cup Of Warm Milk Before Bed Is The Most Sought-After Remedy For A Good Sleep. It Contains Tryptophan Calcium Vitamin D And Melatonin That Promote A Sound Sleep. Photo Credits: Pexels

This Herbal Tea Contains Several Beneficial Elements Including  An Antioxidant Called Apigenin Which Helps Reduce Insomnia. Photo Credits: Unsplash

Walnuts Photo Credits: Pexels

Walnuts Offer A Variety Of Benefits Towards A Healthy Lifestyle Including Melatonin Serotonin And Magnesium That Are Essential For A Good Sleep. Photo Credits: Pexels

Almonds Photo Credits: Pexels

Almonds Provide A Great Source Of Nutrients To The Body. It Helps In Regulating A Good Sleeping Cycle. Photo Credits: Pexels

Passionflower Tea Photo Credits: Pexels

Passionflower Tea Is Made Of Passionflower A Flowering Type Of Vine That Helps In Treating Several Ailments And Reducing Anxiety. It Releases Calming Properties In The Brain Which Contribute To A Better Sleep. Photo Credits: Unsplash